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Back in the day there was a band from Kent called The Manish Boys. They made contact with a manager in London who, by coincidence, also happened to manage a singer called Davie Jones. When Davie needed a new band to work with his manager introduced him to The Manish Boys and a small piece of music history was made.

Davie Jones and The Manish Boys worked all across the county, around London, and in various places around the UK.

In January 1965 they recorded a single for Parlophone and made a well-publicised BBC TV appearance to promote it, but the record failed and Davie parted with the band a short time later.

In 1965 Davie Jones changed his name to David Bowie.

In 2012 Bob Solly of The Manish Boys joined Channel Radio.

The rest is history…

The Bob Solly Rare Record Show is now a weekly affair – every Saturday afternoon from 3.00 until 5.00pm. He’s got a better vinyl collection than the BBC (absolutely true) and a vast musical knowledge to match. His show features vinyl recordings only, complete with the occasional ‘pop’, minor scratch or dink – showcasing that familiar crisp,  needle sound, so unique to vinyl and cherished by collectors and aficionados across the globe.

Let Bob share some of his rare collection, anecdotes and wisdom with you every Saturday afternoon.

He even plays the odd David Jones single…

(Pictured above) Davie Jones and The Manish Boys in March 1965. Bob Solly is standing far right.

Bob Solly’s Rare Records Show – Sat – 3.00 – 5.00pm