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O.S.B. – At Last A Voice For Spiritualism. A bit about Spiritualism:

I am no expert but will hope this will whet your appetite to find out more. As a spiritualist I do not ask you to blindly believe. I do invite you to read more and mostly to go to your local spiritualist church, and think about what you see.

Spiritualism goes back beyond history, to shaman who predate the Egyptian civilization. The early Christian Church was founded on the basis of mediumship, Jesus of Nazareth being legendary as an exceptionally gifted psychic and medium. After his crucifixion, Paul and the others are said to have seen him.

Mediumship played an important part in spreading this new religion and its presentation in Church services. The Old and New Testaments have many references to psychic abilities; inspirational speech, speaking in other languages, physical mediumship and healing.

Each week we also pause for just one minute and ask you to join us in sending healing to those who need it.

Please join myself and the rest of the O.S.B. team every Friday evening, and feel free to get in touch at any time. You may call or email us live in the studio – you will be made to feel very welcome.

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