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Channel presenter and ‘Gills’ supporter Richard Hubbard has lived in Greatstone for over 35 years. He is now a Marshman through and through, even if he does regularly disappear to his second home and alternative radio show persona in Malta from time to time. He’s still passionate about Channel Radio though.

Richard’s show is a pleasant, well-researched mixture of classics and brand-new – showcasing the great and legendary as well as the movers, shakers and stars of tomorrow. His witty conversation and friendly delivery is always entertaining and uplifting, and is guaranteed to warm your evening (morning or afternoon, depending on where in the world you are tuning in of course!).

“Tell us a bit about yourself” we asked Richard recently, so he has:

I visited the Marsh for many holidays and one day somehow did not manage to leave – that was in 1976.

I am married to the lovely Marlene and have a son Stephen, who is also a DJ, presenting a dance show on another station. I have been messing around with broadcast radio since I moved down here, but I am not any better now than I was then! But, in truth, I have great fun all the same and I am told that that enjoyment comes across in my shows.

The studio equipment has changed over the years of course and it is now harder to make mistakes, even though I still manage! If you listen in please drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you.

You can find me on Facebook too where I have a group, and also personal page – so please add me!

Why not listen and join in. You can send in requests, tell me what you are doing or simply what’s happening where you are. If you want me to plug something, let me know.

Most of all I would like to share my love of music with you. I look forward to meeting you over the airwaves very soon.

All the best, Richard Facebook: richard.a.hubbard

The Richard Hubbard Show – Mon 2.00 – 4.00pm – Sun – 7.00 – 9.00pm