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I worked in the corporate world for over 25 years and learned a lot about business and managing people and organisations and change and budgets and everything that you would expect from working in big, public sector business.   I now run my own business HR Services & Support that offers strategic HR and OD to smaller companies.   One thing that struck me when I starting attending events with my business owner hat on was the lack of opportunity to discuss the ‘people’ bit of the business.   Obviously if you’re going to be successful you can’t do everything yourself and at some point you’re going to have to work with others and probably employ some folk.  

So, where do you start, what do you do and how do you manage them when they are on your books and they’re doing stuff for you?   How do you manage their time, organise their holidays, reward them, keep them motivated, train them, get more of them quickly….. well you get the picture!  

There seemed to be lots of sessions, workshops, conferences for small businesses on marketing, finance, social media, book-keeping…… but very little on the people stuff.   This show therefore will bring together national ‘people’ experts who can advice you on what to do – and what to avoid doing, business owners who have been there and done it or are still doing it themselves and whose experiences you can learn from; we’ll keep you up to date on changes and the latest thinking on all things people for you to consider and maybe apply within your business.  

It will be practical things which will (hopefully) be entertaining as well as informative and help answer the ‘don’t know what to do’ ‘where do I start’ questions – whatever size and scale your business is – we’ll help take away some of the unknowns for you.

We want to talk to you so don’t be shy about contacting us for a shout out; with a specific query or request a topic to be covered in depth. 

Fiona Stephens presents The People Platform – Tue – 11am – 12pm