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Pic caption: The Who Cares Wins Radio Show team – left to right: Angela Brier-Stephenson – Mind & Body Coach: Jan Mulligan – Chartered Ergonomist .

If you care about yourself, your staff or your clients we have just the show for you. Tune in at 12 noon every Monday to find out everything you need to know about health, fitness and wellbeing, on your local station – Channel Radio.

Who Cares Wins Show explores a range of topics concerning Health and Wellbeing from the perspectives of the presenters, who are:

Angela Brier-Stephenson
is the driving force behind Another Journey Begins, who specialise in management and wellbeing coaching. Angela is a qualified trainer, coach, public speaker and fitness trainer. She has over 25 years’ experience in the fields of Human Resources, Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits and Training & Development. She is a very enthusiastic, energetic and flexible lady who is able to offer support to both businesses and individuals. Angela’s main philosophy for business clients is to ensure learning and development is people focussed as well as linked to that organisation’s needs. She has worked in Japan, Europe and the USA and has presented at various national conferences.Angela believes life is for living and successful change starts from the inside. Her enthusiasm and energy is infectious and she encourages and supports all her clients to look at problems from another perspective. Incorporating Mindfulness and Yoga practices into her Mind & Body Coaching she encourages individuals to change back from “Human Doings to Human Beings”. www.anotherjourneybegins.com

Jan Mulligan
is a Chartered Ergonomist and disability specialist. Her independent consultancy, Greenleafe Ergonomics, specialises in the prevention, management and reduction of task-related ill health, including accessibility problems associated with disability and computer use. Jan has over 25 years’ experience of assessing the needs of those with chronic or acute injuries, medical conditions, physical & sensory disabilities, and/or literacy and specific learning difficulties. She advises organisations on design, layout, procurement, and human-computer interaction, and provides a wide range of awareness training, workshops, talks and presentations. Her clients are based throughout the UK and include blue chip companies, national charities, small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs), sole traders/self-employed, all levels of the education sector, and individuals requiring mobile or home-based solutions. Jan is a Registered Member of the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (MIEHF) and a member of the British Computer Society (BCS). www.greenleafe.co.uk Contact us:  Our archive of Listen Again can be found on our new website http://www.whocareswinsradio.co.uk

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