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Kubi Springer is an award winning Media Personality and Brand Specialist with 20 years experience in consumer brand marketing. Having worked with clients such as Rolls Royce, Nike, L’Oreal, Blackberry and MTV; she is known for her dynamic, knowledgeable and often blunt delivery.

Your Brand Show is a weekly radio show that uncovers the business of Pop Culture.

Covering fashion, entertainment, technology and sport, this fast pace and humorous show exposes big business, whilst teaching listeners what they can learn from the highs and lows of today’s global powerhouses.

Presented by Brand Specialist, Ms Kubi Springer, alongside her panel of industry experts, Your Brand covers the latest news and trending topics, with open debate from listeners via social media and live call-ins.

Aimed at entrepreneurs and lovers of pop culture, the show reveals what it takes to make it in business and how you avoid the mistakes. Whether you are a business owner, freelance designer or trend-setting blogger; Your Brand will keep you informed and learning the tools to make it in business.

As the saying goes Success Leaves a Footprint so listen to Your Brand to discover what success really looks like.

Kubi Springer Your Brand Show – Mon – 3.00pm – 5.00pm