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Country Show

Presented by Bob Preedy

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Bob Preedy

Bob Preedy

Bob Preedy is certainly one of Channel Radio’s most experienced broadcasters, having worked in radio and TV for over 30 years.
His weekly selection of country music and relaxed delivery will guarantee you return week after week.
Bob’s show focuses on country music, and you will surprised just how broad this style – and Bob’s selection – can be. Bob is a passionate man, particularly when it comes to his music.

“Country has so many facets and it’s constantly evolving. The honkytonk bar room style has recently reemerged – but then sensitive soul searching ballads remain hugely popular.
Country also includes cajun, bluegrass and rockabilly – so within the show, we can take a fascinating journey through the years and the

Bob’s interest in country music began in the 60s with Ricky Nelson, Roy Orbison and the Everly Brothers. “I didn’t realise at the time that all these records were produced either in Nashville or with country
Away from the radio studio, Bob has authored 20 books on such varied subjects as Batley Variety Club, Radio 270, Radio Caroline North, Battersea Fun Fair and a number of Yorkshire wide topics.
He was with Yorkshire Television for 13 years as a continuity announcer and was the last voice to make regional announcements for the Yorkshire, Granada, Tyne Tees and Border areas of ITV1 on the 28th October 2002.