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Lord Kitchener

Lord Kitchener’s Valet was no fool – and he was very cool.

He was also humble, efficient – and into his music.

Even while looking after Kitchener on the front line he made the time to draw up a fascinating collection of classic song lists – and all of his choices were related to that famous campaign of ’67 and ’68.

A relative recently discovered his old suitcase and, amongst the many campaign medals, despatches and decorations, found his leather-bound personal notebook. In it was a gold mine of information. Kitchener’s personal valet had dutifully created some amazing and historic music lists – all beautifully scripted and neatly preserved in his own hand. All the tracks are dedicated to one singular, amazing year.

And at the end of this booklet he wrote:

‘To my dearest – if, for any reason I don’t make it back from this hell-hole, please see that this notebook gets to Channel Radio. In it they will find my personal selection of the greatest, the bravest and the often over-looked – of the sweetest pop sounds of 1967. I know that Channel Radio will not be launched until 2011, but by golly will it be worth the wait. I only wish I was there to enjoy it with you all.

I will never forget my loved ones.

I was indeed – Lord Kitchener’s Valet’

So, in honour of this humble but prescient man, please join us every week for Channel Radio’s dedicated 1967 festival, naturally titled, ‘I Was Lord Kitchener’s Valet’ – and broadcast in memory of a great man and his great notebook.

The programme will take those of you old enough to remember some of that decade (even those who tuned in and dropped out), right back to that wonderful summer that never ended.

1967 was an enormous year of change in Western culture. For a short while the world went Technicolor – and the music went Technicolor with it.

And for those of you too young to remember? Why not take a chance on Lord Kitchener’s Valet and dance…

You will never forget the music.

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