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Richard Hubbard

This week once again, one of Channel Radio’s most experienced presenters – Richard Hubbard – shares some of the wealth of new music that comes his way combined with a few mainstream artists.

‘I first started messing about with Radio in 1966 when I joined the RAF and this continued through my RAF career on every unit that had a Radio Station. I have done it ever since and seen the changes from vinyl to cassettes and the CDs’ finally to MP3.

Just a thought as I introduced the woodenman’s juke box to Channel Radio would that be worth a mention as well

During my time in radio I come across many different artists and one of them is jon lukas woodenman who performed with our own Bob Solly back in the early 70’s in Japan, jon had a top 40 hit in the UK during that period with ‘Can’t Afford To Lose’ becoming one of the first Maltese artists to have a hit outside Malta and he was signed to Columbia becoming friends with a number of the top artists of the period including Marvin Gaye. He found my show a few years ago and liked my music and style so we became good friends. I discovered he did a jukebox style show of rare and different music ‘eargasmic’ sounds as he puts it, so after trying other stations I brought it to channel radio due to the fact it is a progressive station and the management decided to run it where it has been ever since. It very much helps to broaden out audience base as my show and the jukebox are listened to by many Maltese people as they like the variety of music something they do not get there.

My musical tastes range from Rock to some pop and a lot of indie, I also enjoy house music and some classical although I am no buff on the subject. I enjoy any music that makes my ears smile and do not pre judge until I have listened to it.
My recent focus for the last few years has been on new artists that are unsigned but make good music like Airport Impressions, Zabel, Lemonade Kid and so many more I also believe that albums have more than just the couple of singles that are released and on them are often many hidden gems so I try to highlight that fact and hope listeners will revisit their collections.

Up until recently I shared my life between here and The Rock (Malta) where I did a regular show on the BIG FM and a yearly TV appearance to review the Maltese music scene. (my father was stationed on the Island when I was a child and I grew up there). Unlike Channel Radio, BIG FM is mainly a retro station so I did a soul and Tamla Motown show, sneaking in re recorded tracks from modern artists doing covers.
Life there was quite different there so some readjustment always had to happen when I returned here, they are basically a Brit loving people and do not pre judge anyone so I have a wide circle of friends. My name is very much associated there with unsigned Maltese artists and I play a few of them on my show here and there.

Maltese artists to listen out for are Airport Impressions, Lyndsay Pace & Gabrielle Portelli to name a few.

Doing my shows on Channel Radio is a great pleasure and fun as I get to play all the music I love and requests from listeners on The Afternoon Show every Monday with my co host Audrey.

I have a facebook group called Richard Hubbard on the Radio and love it when people join and interact with me on air and of course send me requests and opinions. I also have a very busy twitter account @richard_channel and have recently added an instagram – richchann – so feel free to interact with me.

I feel music should be in everyone’s life as I think it is a marker and can refresh memories of times, places, people and many other aspects of our lives, it can also take you from feeling down and lift your spirits. So ladies and gents please tune in and see what you think. All my show also go on my Mixcloud for posterity so can be listened to as often as you like see icon below.

Thank you for reading this bio and I hope you will join me during my shows and make contact so I can give you a shout out.

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