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Music Memories

Music Memories

Presents by Jack Bithell

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For those Channel Radio listeners who just can’t get enough of Jack every Saturday, Jack is now live every Friday too…

The format is similar – great music, detailed chart knowledge and great conversation, but with a unique, smooth Music Memories feel.

Probably the most chart knowledgable presenter in the county (maybe even the country?), Jack’s detailed chart knowledge helps take you back to those memorable years, stirring memories only music can properly inspire.

Jack could probably even tell you what you were doing that month if you asked him!

When he’s not broadcasting on Channel Radio Jack likes to keeps himself busy.

He enjoys hang gliding, using a home-made glider made from a pattern he found on the Internet.

Not one to flout health & safety rules though he makes sure to pack a parachute every flight again made entirely at home using a YouTube guide, though he has has never had the need to test it in flight.

“My favourite height is about 2,000 feet,” Jack tells us.

“I don’t like the fog though,” he continues, “I got caught in it once above the Marsh and ended up in France! I felt a bit silly because I didn’t have any Euros on me!”

Check out Jack Bithell’s Music Memories every Friday at 1.00pm and let Jack entertain your ears for a couple of hours.

Also available to listen again for 7 days on this very page…