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Party Anthems

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Pimping Your Saturday Night Ride!

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SATURDAY 8:00 pm 10:00 pm
Mykee T

Mykee T

With a DJing history of more than two point five decades; through the days of vinyl in the 80s, CDs in the 90s and now digital in the noughty’s and well beyond, there is a great depth of knowledge in the music Mykee selects for every show.

This is no orderly (dance-floor-filler styled radio production). No repeats of the same old same old here…

You’ve heard ‘Strike – You Sure Do’ and ‘Living Joy – Dreamer’ more times than you can be physically stomach the smell of the local night club’s toilet after 11pm (yum…).

For sure Mykee’s show is all about Party Anthems – which some say is loosely translated as Cheesy Chooonage! But NOOO – don’t be deceived… that’s really not the case here!

Yes, there will be tracks you will pretend are rubbish – or words to that affect, when the truth is that Justin Bieber really is your BAG, along with the likes of the Bee Gees, Steps, Take That and not forgetting Seven Tears By the Goombay Dance Band… You romantic old Dancing Queen you!

Close the curtains, push back the sofa, dim the lights and party on down like no ones watching… Oh, and if you dance like your dad, why not stream it out on Facebook Live and show us your moves!?…

So, ‘Spice up your life’, you ‘wannabe’ disco dancer…

Party Anthems – part of Channel Radio’s six hour Saturday evening festival of awesome chooonage. It’s well beyond the words Cheese-Us!!…

Your Saturday nights will never be the same.

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