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Saturday Selection

Saturday Selection

Presented by Stuart Saffery

Get your weekend on the move

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Stuart Saffery

Stuart Saffery

What better way is there to kick off your weekend than by sampling Stuart Saffery’s Saturday Selection? Not much we’d say, as this is the perfect way to get your weekend on the move. Just like a multi-layered box of confectionary, Stuart’s engaging Saturday morning show offers something for all tastes.

Bite into the Saturday Sizzler – two seasonally themed songs to remind and engage you on those lazy summery days – and keep you warm and cosy during the long winters too!

Indulge yourself with Stuart’s Guilty Pleasure – a record you know you shouldn’t like, but one you can’t help but love once it’s played. Don’t worry – everyone else will feel the same way too!

And if that’s not enough to satisfy you, why not gorge yourself on the Back-to-Back double tracks from the week’s featured artist.

Alongside a great variety of music, ranging from the 1960s to the present day, the Saturday Selection also offers lots of chat and interesting features, whilst keeping you up to date with the latest news and weather too.

The Saturday Selection is your chance to get involved: send in requests, share your views on the news and current affairs – or tell us about your personal Guilty Pleasure. You can also join in with the review of the week’s TV highlights. Stuart is waiting to hear from you, so drop him a line or give him a call!

Important note: Be fully assured that the music on this show will be as eclectic as anything you’d find in your favourite box of chocolates. From hard rock to soft-centred nostalgia, to the kick and tang of something with a bit more bite! Every weekend, the Saturday Selection will provide you with a kaleidoscopic collection of different sounds.

So just relax and simply indulge yourself in the Saturday Selection!

It’s a little bit of what you like!

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