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Stanarama Show

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WEDNESDAY 7:00 pm 8:00 pm
Don Stanni

Don Stanni

Don Stanni started radio back in nineteen, and by 7 pm he had almost got it right.

Educated at Harrow and other borstals throughout the country, he left school to follow an adventurous career as a top layabout.
Dons knowledge of music is legendary, how anyone can be quite so ignorant amazes everybody, that is probably why there is much muttering in the show.

Fortunately, Don has an army of ‘experts’ to help him get through they include …

Ace Reporter – Lois CulDeSac, Agony Aunt – Agnes Poops, Alcoholism – Ross Pitoon, Fashion ñ Lucy Lastik, Films ñ Harry Potteridge,
Finance ñ Ivan Offshore, Football ñ Arsene Autour, International Affairs ñ Joanna Broad, Lifestyle ñ Jemima Slagg, Religion ñ Rev Faith Hope,
Reporterñ Rupert Rogering, Science ñ Tessa Tubes, Slimming ñ Nellie Fant, and TV ñ Terry Tubbey.

*Listen Again will be available very soon.

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