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Presented by Don Stanni

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Wonderful music plus…A brilliant weekly analysis of world events from this self-professed modest genius, featuring a host of expert correspondents and presenters such as:

Astrology – Mystic Madge Moonglow

Celebrity Affairs – Lady Jane Zuckup

Farming – Bill MdGaad

Fashion – Lucy Lastik

Films – Harry Potteridge

Football – Edwina Score

Finance – Ivan Offshore

Slimming and Diet – Nellie Fant

Health and Wellbeing – Pheobe Tunwell

International Affairs – Joanna Broad

Lifestyle – Jemima Slagg

Politics & Religion – Rev Faith Hope

Popular Music – Sir Cecil Sissinghurst

Science – Tessa Tube

The Arts – Pheobe Dowaddle

TV – Terry Tubbey

It’s reassuring to know more about the world (than this lot)

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