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Woodenman’s Jukebox

Presented by Jon Lukas Woodenman

Playing incredible music

Scheduled on:
MONDAY 6:00 am 7:00 am 11:00 pm 12:00 am
WEDNESDAY 6:00 pm 7:00 pm
THURSDAY 6:00 am 7:00 am
Jon Lukas Woodernman

Jon Lukas Woodernman

Welcome to the inspiring world of woodenman…

woodenman’s jukebox is a bastion of diversity, broadcasting OUTSIDE and beyond the increasingly homogenised world of mainstream radio. woodenman has only worked with non-restrictive radio stations in the past, stations where music is not play-listed (thus avoiding the limitations placed by many broadcasters who generally stick to the same major label acts – often resulting in an incessant loop). That’s why he joined Channel Radio, after discovering the station’s progressive broadcasting ethos.

As such, woodenman’s jukebox covers a very wide genre – his choice selection a regular introduction to the latest and the best sounds from around the globe. This, fused with woodenman’s undivided attention to detail makes for a truly cutting edge radio experience. The man simply has excellent taste and foresight.

woodenman’s jukebox has been a popular staple on Malta radio for some years now. You can find out why his show commands such respect as he is now a major weekly force on Channel Radio too.