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Nigel Banks

Nigel Banks

Nigel Banks – is an experienced actor and theatre director, who turned to playwriting later in life. He has been involved with Channel Radio since its inception and is a director of the station. He has written six plays and several short stories, which have been transmitted as part of The Arts Hour. His latest play “Ashes To Ashford” will be given its premiere in December 2018. He now lives in Cumbria and as well as walking his dogs he is an armchair supporter of lost causes, namely Bolton Wanderers and Lancashire County Cricket Club.

Jim Newberry

Jim Newberry – Actor, Producer, Director, Writer

Having spent much of my working life “in business”, and with that career now largely done, the past five years have allowed me to return gradually to where I started as a young’un: in creative drama…and with the new twist of radio.

I blame that Nigel Banks for asking me to be in more than one of his rather good, original dramas on Channel Radio.

Seeing and experiencing how it’s done, I’ve now adapted, produced, directed and acted in five of my own radio adaptations: starting with something nice and easy ;-)….“The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot.

Four completed Dickens short-stories later, I’m enjoying the challenges immensely, aided and abetted by Robbie Burgess and the Channel Radio team. In between, I’ve had the delight and privilege of working with the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford.

For the future, after finishing off one final Dickens, an original radio piece beckons….

Patrick O’Connor

Patrick O’Connor

Patrick O’Connor – is an actor, his family’s cook, singer-guitarist, and helper with a drama for the disabled group.  He is otherwise retired.  Brought up in Wexford and London, he now lives in Scotland.

Robbie Burgess

Robbie Burgess

Robbie Burgess – With a passion for music, Robbie has always been involved in sound.  Working under the name Oldolly Productions (named after his nan), he has created soundscapes for theatre productions, produced radio documentaries and dramas, and more recently has been working as a radio presenter at Channel Radio in addition to being one of the sound engineers.

Robbie says “The wonderful thing about radio drama is that it can take you anywhere your imagination will allow; within five minutes you could have travelled from the bottom of the ocean to deep space, and from the past to the future.”

As a final note, Robbie would like to add “The Beatles are the greatest band in the world. FACT!”