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Arts Hour

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Clive Looker

Clive Looker

Channel Radio’s 60-minute escape into the varied pleasures of the spoken word – featuring original plays, drama, poetry, monologues – in fact, all aspects of the Arts. Join us every Sunday – or just Listen Again at your leisure…

Clive Looker will never see 70 again . . . . or 71 . . . . or 72 for that matter. During his three score years and ten, he has had a varied career in several aspects of the media having at one time been a freelance writer , writing illustrated articles for numerous magazines in the UK and America then, in 1996 he became a regular contributor to the humorous monthly magazine, The Lark..

He was one of a number of contributors for the Two Ronnies TV series and later an active writer for radio four’s, topical news programme, The News Huddlines. It was about this time, he developed his own style of humorous essay/monologues, a number of which were narrated and broadcast by him on Radio Kent.

He was first introduced to Channel Radio by Craig Avery, who allowed Clive to hone his skills every Tuesday evening on ‘The Craig Avery Show’. It was here, Clive developed his character, Professor Ron Moore, the inept speaker who gives lectures on subjects he knows little or nothing about. This followed a year writing, producing and presenting Marsh Mellow, a weekly radio magazine programme devoted to people and places on, and around, Romney Marsh Kent.

His latest venture is the hour long programme , which he edits, part writes and narrates, every Sunday afternoon for Channel Radio. This encompasses all aspects of the visual and aural arts. As the programme concentrates on the Arts and runs for 60 minutes The Channel Radio Directors were inspired to title the programme ‘Arts Hour.’

Although Clive is very much against the practice of nepotism, it does give him the opportunity to slip in some of his own humorous monologues and poems from time to time.

Clive has also written three plays for the station and hopes to produce and broadcast them later in the year. It seems the best is yet to come!

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