Classical Hour

Presented by Briony Kapoor

Classical Hour

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Briony Kapoor

Briony Kapoor

Channel Radio’s Classical Hour is spearheaded by one of Romney Marsh’s most important and active Arts community movers and shakers, Briony Kapoor.
If you reside in the area you may well have noticed and admired some of the communal, artistic projects Briony has backed with her popular IMOS Foundation. Walls of buildings around New Romney for example, many of them in or just off the High Street, are bedecked with large murals, 90 paintings in 15 groups, and there are a number of attractive sculptures on show too.
The IMOS Foundation is a charity established privately by Briony in memory of her husband, Cambridge professor of history and philosophy of science, Satish Chander Kapoor (IMOS literally stands for: In Memory of Satish.)
Briony grew up in New Romney, to which she has a natural attachment. Her father was the local doctor and there was a family tradition of murals – her mother had decorated a holiday home with them, so when Briony decided to leave central London, where she had an art gallery, she moved back to the area with murals on her mind.
The overall title of the works is ‘A Celebration of Romney Marsh’ and within this framework are subjects of obvious interest, such as churches, flowers and landscape. Predominantly painted on private properties, as individual permission was easier to obtain, Briony praises the local Sainsbury’s as being very helpful, allowing their busy site to stage several of these works – including the impressive ‘Romney Indigenous’, a selection of notable townspeople (created by several artists), that decorates an outside wall.
It is with this same spirit that Briony has put together Channel Radio’s first dedicated classical music show – a programme Briony will both present, and one she will also introduce others to host from time-to-time. Special guests on early shows include JAM Festival’s Ed Armitage and prize-winning short story writer Kristina Amadeus.