Click Events Dating

Presented by Linda & Elle Cloke

Click Events Dating Show

Scheduled on:
Monday 7:00 pm 8:00 pm
Linda Cloke

Linda Cloke

Tune in to hear Linda share her advice, hints and tips on how to make the most of the dating world’s opportunities and how to avoid the minefield that can and has destroyed lives. Linda has been running her own dating agency for 16 years, and now after just a few years of online dating, many single people and savvy companies are realising that singletons of all ages are fed up with the lies and deceit from online companies and daters who are simply taking advantage of their pain.

Linda will be answering questions from the single community across Kent, speaking to other experts in the field of dating about their views and how they can help as well as speaking to single people about their positive experiences.

Linda will be searching for the most romantic places to go for a date, so is looking to interact with venues and beauty spots all over Kent.

Elle Cloke

Elle Cloke

There are over a million people living in Kent of working age and the average number of singletons runs at 50% which means we have 500,000 single people as well as those who experienced dating before their current relationship, who could contribute to the show with their opinions on what a lady is looking for in a man and vice versa, how to dress for a first date, how to give a great first impression, what questions to ask when dating, what is it like to go on a speed date or singles event, what attracts a man to a woman and what puts them off and vice versa, what not to do on a date or what to do on a date and so much more.

We will be asking experts on how to make the most of your figure, height and complexion, what clothes to wear and where to take your date.

Being single is a journey which is fun for some and lonely for others so the Click Events UK Dating Show will be dealing with the hard realities of life as well as the lovely fluffy things to do with romance and dating.