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Funny Ideas

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Julie Flower

Julie Flower

Funny Ideas – where work and comedy collide

Funny Ideas is the show that turns work on its head – to guarantee learning and laughter. Each week join Julie Flower and a special guest as they explore the bigger concepts in modern working life in a refreshing and humorous way. With interviews, comedy sketches, book reviews and Julie’s trademark improvised management models, Funny Ideas is the perfect antidote to yet another meeting. From leadership to team development to innovation, Funny Ideas mixes the latest thinking with the reality. Humour with a purpose for the curious mind…and for anyone who would like to be a better human.

Julie Flower is a management and organisational development consultant, facilitator and coach who helps leaders and teams to work more effectively. She is also an improvised comedian and performs regularly with a number of groups, including London-based Classic Andy. She runs consultancy The Specialist Generalist and loves to incorporate improv techniques and humour into her client work, to help people develop their skills and have fun at the same time. Julie has wide management experience in the private, public and voluntary sectors and works extensively in strategy, leadership and team development, change management and innovation. She is proud to be a generalist.