Health Matters

Presented by Neil D’Silva

Health Matters

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Neil D'Silva

Neil D’Silva

The ‘Health Matters’ show is dedicated to keeping you informed and updated as to simple and effective ways to improve your health and the health of those around you (including family members and employees). I share my expertise and experience to help you to find ways to become a healthier ‘you’. Each week, a different main subject is discussed.

With a background in banking and marketing, it was the loss of a close family member a few years ago that stirred what was no more than a personal interest in nutrition and wellbeing in to a complete change of career for Neil and an opportunity to genuinely help other people.

Equipped with a number of nutrition-based qualifications, including nutrition and weight management, the psychology of weight management, the prevention of obesity in children and the management of inflammatory bowel conditions, Neil specialises in helping people to improve their overall health, and by extension helps them to lose weight safely and sustainably, helps to restore energy levels and also helps to improve gut-related issues.

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