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Women In Business

Presented by Sian Murphy

Women In Business

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Sian Murphy

Sian Murphy

Tune to hear Sian and her guests discuss…Insider success stories and case studies special ‘How To’ features Network and business opportunity updates in Kent, the UK and internationally Business and wealth strategies Problem solving Tips and Tricks Fun, frolics and a good laugh – because business should be fun! But let’s get serious for a moment…

“The World Will Be Saved By The Western Woman’ – The Dalai Lama

It was 3 years ago when I first heard this powerful quote and I’ve wondered many times what The Dalai Lama would say about it were he sitting here now. But he isn’t, and in some ways I’m glad because although there are loads of people second guessing what he meant, I’m going to leave those alone and instead wonder what it means to me.

As Western women we have a choice, we are free and we can contribute to our own welfare, that of our friends, family, society and our communities.  Embracing this freedom and the spirit of entrepreneurship means each of us has the power to contribute to a change in the balance of the world economy.

Well that’s all very grand, but what does that mean for the Women In Business Radio Show?  Well that’s about the mission.  Hopefully you all know Oprah and if, like me, you haven’t yet reached her dizzy heights of success, it’s about understanding we all can! We all have our own special talents. Oprah doesn’t do anything that we can’t, but what she always does is play to her strengths and do what she believes is right – not what others want her to do.

What matters is keeping faith with your vision, making decisions and taking considered, consistent action.  Doing stuff.

Whether you make flowers to stick on flip-flops at your kitchen table, or you’re the CEO of your own empire and about to take over the world – if you want to take the next step we’re going to help you on your way!

Tune in each Thursday at 11am for lively discussions and if you’ve got a problem, challenge or issue you want aired then just drop us a line. See the above contact buttons.

About Sian

After 20 years in corporate life I took the plunge to launch my own business. My specialist area was turning around failing front line enforcement services to deliver more for less.

Today I’m a Director of The Ruby Marketers who help local retail, entertainment and service businesses to market themselves online. I’m also an NLP Practitioner, Copywriter and a Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

I deliver workshops and speak about online marketing for organisations such as The Kent University Business School, Greenwich University, Chamber Of Commerce and private organisations.

I help small business owners to grow, to understand and implement big business concepts, within a safe and legal framework.

I offer group or one-to-one consultations for business growth and personal confidence.  Each year I also take on a number of pro-bono clients.  Just yell.

Today I chair Women In Business for Medway and Mid Kent; founded the Medway Council sponsored Guerrilla Business Connections which offers training, support and collaboration to growing businesses; and I’m one of the Directors of The Ruby Marketers, the online marketing for offline business specialists.  I talk about online marketing for Kent University Business School, Greenwich University, the Chamber of Commerce, as well as teaching one to one and private groups.

Away from the marketing arena, I help business owners grab the confidence and tools they need to grow their business and work.

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