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WriteMind Show

Presented by Karen Stanley

WriteMind Show

Scheduled on:
Wednesday 11:00 am 12:00 pm

I was a teacher and then Assistant Headteacher for over 20 years, and now eight times published author.

I am passionate about books and all things literacy, but most importantly, I just love the creative process that leads to great writing. I run creative writing workshops for all ages in clubs, libraries, schools and book shops. I use art, drama, music, and especially the environment, to enthuse and engage even the most un-confident of writers. I am a massive advocate of the power of nature and the environment on emotional wellbeing and as a source of inspiration.

I write content for businesses and educational organisations. I run an online writing academy to help people follow their dreams and pursue their writing journey, and I also host a teaching website which is jam-packed full of creative writing and cross-curricular resources.

On the #writemind show, I will share good news stories and chat about writing, education, mental health, the great outdoors and the power of laughter. There’ll be top tips on Mindfulness Writing for you to try too!

email kaz0789@hotmail.co.uk