Warp Factor

Presented by Kirk Owers

Kirk Owers
Kirk Owers
Kirk Owers

The Warp Factor – Spinning a yarn against his own name and having been nicknamed Captain all his life, Kirk created The Warp Factor.

(Which although may make reference to Star Trek, it is not a Trekkie related show)

Kirk’s radio career (tongue in cheek) started when he was 10 years of age co-hosting a show with a good friend of his whose father had been part of Radio Caroline and salvaged equipment from one of their sinking ships, giving it to the young lads to try out. This show meant silly antics and music was literally at their control.

“If only I had kept those tapes we made, that could have made for interesting listening now!”

Fast forward a few years and having co-presented with a friend at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Meridianfm, Kirk sought to bring his own show to Channel Radio.

The Warp Factor is hoping to entertain you with various Genres of music with a bit of comedy thrown in.

The show encourages audience participation by requesting (up to 3) songs with humorous stories related to the requested music. The best of the bunch will have their story read out and music played.

It will undertake some time travelling from the 50’s to present day with focus on 3-5 songs from a particular year in each show. It’s up to you to figure out what year and let Kirk know!

It also looks to promote new talent, so please send your music to the Channel Uploader and send in relevant details to the shows contact information, please provide artist details and any related websites, upcoming performances etc.

So, have you got what it takes to join Kirk and accelerate through The Warp Factor?