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Craig Avery
Craig Avery

Click to Listen Again Podcast – What is there to say that hasn’t already been written about the legend that quite frankly is… Craig Avery? We aren’t sure either, but we’ll have a go at it all the same…

Known Internationally as the Ladies Favourite – and not for nothing we may add, Craig is seen as both a leader among radio presenters and an undisputed figurehead of manhood. The Radio Times once referred to him as the ‘Presenter’s Presenter’, Cosmopolitan simply called him ‘the Beast’ and Horse & Hound called him Clive by mistake. His colleagues at Channel Radio call him a number of other things too – such is his impact both locally on the Marsh, in the studio, and across the globe.

Clive’s silky smooth delivery, smooth legs and in-depth knowledge of sport have helped single him out as a unique and fascinating man. He was one of the first of his kind to wear both Old Spice and Deep Heat at the same time, turning heads practically every street he walked down. Fact: Robert Plant once approached him in a bar in New York, simply because he thought he knew him. He didn’t, but such is the magnetic charm of this man Avery that he was invited to join Led Zeppelin on the spot as a replacement drummer.

It’s not called The Craig Avery Show for nothing either. It’s his show, so that’s what we called it.

If you ever wondered how Craig has managed to feature so many excellent American guests over the years, it’s all down to Steve Schneickert. California based Steve – who is a great supporter and good friend of Channel Radio in general – has worked closely with Craig as an excellent show PR advisor and assistant for the last 7 or so years. Thanks Steve!

Health Warning
Ladies – meeting Craig should only be attempted under close supervision and, we cannot emphasise enough, under the guidance of a certified nurse or trained circus handler.
In case you were wondering, we generally keep the studio clear of women during every Avery broadcast. Women guests are a rarity on Craig’s show – simply because of the devastating effect he has on the fairer sex – it’s simply not fair on a fair maiden’s heart. And quite simply, we can’t afford to insure for the devastation this man can leave in his wake.