Grown Folks Grooves

Presented by Konrad Meachum

Konrad Meachum
Konrad Meachum

Konrad’s love for music has always been apparent and in 2012 he was persuaded to begin playing the music he loved for others by his wife Camilla. “I was very reluctant to take on the role of DJ simply because I wasn’t a DJ” Konrad says jokingly. “I have always loved music and have been told I have an ear for good music, but I had been a behind the scenes guy.”

Konrad contacted Urban Jazz Radio in London and secured a slot based on his American accent and the type of music he planned on playing. When Konrad was asked what his show would be called he didn’t have a clue. “Well I thought about what I was planning on playing and I knew it wouldn’t be kiddie stuff, that it would be for adults. My family roots are from the south in the US and naturally I would call that ‘grown folks’ music. From that came Grown Folks Grooves because I want people to get into the groove of the music.” The Grown Folks Grooves Show plays Soul Jazz and Funk music. “The concept is to play the songs people know and love, some modern classics, and to throw in some of the ones that got away, ” Konrad confirms.

Konrad remembers his first show “ I have a good friend, Nick Davies, who has a show and he was super supportive, telling me that everything would be fine. I was so scared and nervous that I’m sure my voice was shaking on air,” he goes on to recall. “After the show I was so pumped up that I couldn’t sleep that night.”

From this show on, Konrad quickly honed his skills, and each show continued to improve while his now recognizably assured style developed. Due to a shuffling of shows at Urban Jazz, Konrad decided to leave and to join Channel Radio. “It was seamless,” Konrad states, “I couldn’t have planned it better. I took it as a sign that I was supposed to be at Channel Radio. I spoke to Paul and it felt right. I was able to begin broadcasting the week after I left UJR.”

“The guys at Channel are amazing and it feels like family,” Konrad goes on to say. “The show has matured and now I even have a segment where I go back in time and play some of the golden oldies – even back to the Doo Wop era.”

Konrad – A Brief Biography

Konrad Meachum returned to the UK in 2000 after spending 6 months in Washington D.C., his hometown. He began working with New York based record label Prohibition Entertainment assisting in managerial activities. He then decided to establish himself in the music business by taking on an artist he noticed while working with Prohibition Entertainments – Traedonya (

“I noticed how much talent was here in the UK that was not being exposed or promoted and I wanted to be a part of getting these artists noticed by UK music lovers.” The next artist Konrad picked up on was Christynette, “I contacted Christynette who was familiar with Traedonya, and after a few telephone conversations we came to an agreement”. Konrad and Prohibition Entertainments President AK Smith-Ford still have monthly conference calls keeping each other updated on what’s happening on each side of the Atlantic.

Konrad grew his roster and soon managed Juliette Leon who signed with Urban Essentials. Konrad was able to have her song ‘Summer Day’ included in Miles Maker’s short film Lark & Cher. Other clients include UK Producer and artist Fdot1 and Portland, Oregon based Tony Ozier. Tony released his debut CD Mental Candy and toured the UK receiving rave reviews from DJ’s as well as Blues and Soul Magazine. Tony has gone on to release two further CD’s and has worked with countless artists.

Konrad changed his focus within the industry and gradually moved away from artist management. CEO of Red Skin Records Owen Smith then approached Konrad and expressed an interest in having him as Managing Director of his record label. Konrad managed the label and also acted as A&R.

Just prior to embarking on radio presentation, Konrad left Red Skin Records and began working with UK producer Trevor Davy. Konrad helped Trevor realise a dream by establishing a record label and also arranging an all-important distribution deal with The Orchard at the same time.